FCCI Origin Series: Mexico with Agrofloresta Mesomericana and Original Beans

Meet the makers!

In this FCCI Origin Series conversation, meet Hugo Francisco Chavez, Founder and CEO of Agrofloresta Mesomericana, members of Agrofloresta's post-harvest team in Tabasco, Mexico, and Anders Prien Saxbol, Cocoa Sourcing and Sustainability Lead at Original Beans in Amsterdam, NL. You will learn more about work in agroforestry systems in Tabasco, Mexico and explore the ways in which Original Beans creates delicious products while also valuing the community of growers, producers, and makers whose livelihoods depend on cacao and chocolate.

Geek out!

After you purchase your ticket, you’ll receive a syllabus of resources to explore the highlighted region and cocoa operation, curated by Carla D. Martin, PhD, award-winning Lecturer for Harvard University’s Chocolate Class, and presented by our experience concierge, José López Ganem.

Taste and bake!

We encourage participants to open a bar of chocolate from Original Beans to enjoy during the experience. If you plan to taste along with us, Original Beans makes 88% Zoque Tabasco Mexico.

We’ll also send you a recipe created by Chef Stephen Durfee, celebrated Pastry Instructor at the Culinary Institute of America, using Original Beans' 88% Zoque . We recommend purchasing 5 bars (for a total of 9oz-11oz / 260g-300g chocolate) for this recipe.

Give back!

This event has been designed with a fundraising mission to support Agrofloresta Mesoamericana. To ensure that funds quickly and effectively reach those in need, proceeds will be transferred directly to Agrofloresta Mesoamericana for their discretionary use. This model supports cocoa producers in not only capturing value from their cocoa, but also from the experience that the cocoa generates for consumers.

Your 'to-do list':

  1. Buy your ticket
  2. Order your chocolate to taste and/or bake
  3. Check your email for a special syllabus and recipe
  4. On the date and time specified, log in using the Zoom link we provide to join the discussion!
  5. Questions? contact our experience concierge José López Ganem at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.